Building a Better Democracy in the Backyard

Why national politics is just a distraction

Image credit to The New Yorker. Illustration by Christop Niemann; Animation by Olivia Blanc

Voter Registration

Fixing the Registration Problem

A better solution to address the problem of lower voter registration among younger, poorer, and minority communities is to place the services where people already are. A growing policy proposition called Agency-based registration works to do just that.

Campaign Finance

As costs continue to rise at the federal level, we can also expect to see savvy party analysts recognize the higher return on investment by pouring money into local campaigns.

A second policy solution involves direct contribution limits on campaigns

Public Financing Systems

Ranked Choice Voting

While it is mostly seen only at the national and state levels, it is only a matter of time before this culture leaches into local politics as well.

Putting it all together

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